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2018-06-11 14:19:47
Top 10 Wallpaper Patterns

Paint is the great second chance. If you make a mistake you can just cover it up. Paint also has lots of limitations. If you want to touch up an area, you may need to go to painstaking lengths to find the exact matching color. You will need to hassle with paintbrushes and masking tape. You will probably drip some paint on the floor and on your clothes. You will get it on your hands and touch your face. Most importantly, you’re not very good at painting anything except plain solid colors. This is why wall-paper exists. It’s actually quick. It looks great if you find a pattern you love, and here is the list to help you do just that.

  1. Large Flamingo: No wallpaper list would be complete without some pink flamingos. Large and tightly packed flamingo pattern will be a playful twist on a pink room.
  2. Soft Blue Watercolor: The soft and swirling watercolor texture adds plenty of personality.
  3. Aurora Gold and Ivory Brushstroke: Lots of shiny metallic squiggles provides a nice non-neutral feel without actually being neutral.
  4. Burano: Small painted colorful squares with lots of chic.
  5. Lips: It’s exactly what it sounds like. Lots of red lips creating a fun polka-dot pattern.
  6. Fading Brushstrokes: A yellow and navy pattern subdued by white brushstrokes.
  7. Taupe Chinoiserie: A large print of birds in a blossoming tree for that Italian spring-time feeling.
  8. New York Women- Downtown Wing: An illustrated print of the diverse cast of the working women of New York City.
  9. Orange Crush: Lots and lots of bright citrus plants.
  10. Matisse Is My Muse in Multicolor: This colorful blend of Matisse cut-outs will bring out the art gallery in any room.  

Source: https://www.elledecor.com/shopping/home-accessories/g295/cool-wallpapers/

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