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2018-05-08 14:50:07
Summer Bucket List

Summer Bucket lists exist to help you get the most out of your summer in Utah. Forget the bucket list of 101 things to do. You know you won’t realistically complete one of those lists. Also, forget the obvious Utah destinations that everyone goes to. Yes, Lake Powell is a great trip, but you’ve been there seventeen times. Here is your summer bucket list for 2018.


  1. Goblin Valley: An extremely underrated State Park with fantastic rock formations.
  2. Dinosaur Monument: Educate yourself on the largest deposit of Jurassic fossils in the United States.
  3. Hogle Zoo: It may not be Central Park Zoo, but there are plenty of small and large animals alike.
  4. Living Planet Aquarium: After the zoo, swing by the aquarium for some underwater exploration.
  5. Lagoon: Whenever you don’t want to leave the state to visit a Six Flags, or if you don’t know any better, Lagoon is the premier Utah amusement park.
  6. Strawberry Days: It’s amazing that anything grows in Utah, let alone fresh strawberries. Pleasant Grove is home to some delicious strawberries and cream.
  7. Provo Beach Resort: It’s not really a beach, and it’s not really a resort. It does have one of those artificial wave-making things you can ride a wakeboard on. Plus, there are plenty of arcade games for the kids.
  8. Comic-Con: This is not for the faint of heart. Comic-Con is the largest convention in Utah. Get your nerd on for days and days.
  9. Clark Planetarium: It’s fun to look at the stars at night, but this planetarium will also educate you on our galaxy while you do.

Source: https://www.templesquare.com/blog/your-utah-bucket-list/

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