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2018-04-24 11:48:12
The New Salt Lake Airport

The Salt Lake City International Airport was built in the 1960’s. After 50 years, the SLC is getting another terminal. The airport currently serves double the number of passengers it was originally designed to serve. Here’s a quick breakdown of the new features of The New SLC:

  1. Remove Old Structures: Much of the current SLC airport will be replaced. Some of the facilities do not meet today’s earthquake standards.
  2. More Space: Of course, the New SLC will be substantially larger than the original size. It will be at least another 50 years before another expansion will be necessary.
  3. Traffic Flow: The new terminal will help alleviate -off and pick-up traffic, allowing passengers to experience fewer delays.
  4. Green: Yes, it will cost a lot of green to build (3 billion), but designers are attempting to achieve high levels of sustainability with the amount of renewable energy the facility consumes.
  5. Continuing Partnerships: The New SLC will continue to partner with the current airlines that serve the airport.
  6. Ongoing development: The new terminal and updated parking are scheduled for completion in 2020 with continued development in phases through 2024.


Source: https://www.slcairport.com/thenewslc/

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